Daily life in school

A Montessori classroom is especially adapted for the residing age group. In this environment the children are free to follow their natural inner wish toward work and learning. The children's desire to learn is encouraged by giving them opportunities to engage in spontaneous, meaningful activities under the guidance of a Montessori teacher.

The Montessori teacher observes and encourages learning by giving children "presentations" of material in small groups.

Both concentration, motivation, perseverance and discipline are developed through the children's work.

A Montessori classroom is an educational environment for a mixed-age group with an age range of 3 - 4 years. This means good opportunities for both individual and social development. The oldest children share what they have learned with the younger children in the group in a natural way.

The role of the teacher is to be a coach and observer. The teacher's task is to hand over more and more responsibility to the children as they become independent. The teacher will build up an atmosphere of peace, order and joy in the classroom encouraging children to work. Thus increases the children's self confidence.

The teacher is most active in relation to the youngest children in each group. She demonstrates the use of materials and presents activities based on observations of the children and in assessment of their needs.

The Montessori teacher must know when to intervene and when to leave. The teacher is skilled in observing and interpreting children's needs, trained and developed through an intensive specialization.

Vollen Montessori School follows the montessori curriculum which is approved by the government.

Vollen Montessori School has mixed age groups where the students develop independence and respect for peers, themselves and the environment. A Montessori education is to assist children in learning on an independent basis.